Japanese 正體中文
Horoun Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and the career items are variety of seafood. We established a processing plant in Pingtung,and our main business is the roasted eel in early days.In 1994,for the sake of the growing of China's eel cultivation,and the lack of eel fry,Horoun moved the processing plant to Guangdong China to keep producing the roasted eel,while selling it to Japan.Later in 2005,Horoun established the department of seafood and imported all kinds of frozen seafood to sell in Taiwan.In 2007,we not only kept importing raw seafood material,but we also set up the production line in the Pingtung factory to process and sell a variety of frozen seafood.Horoun will keep developing the processed seafood and kept providing the consumer with more fresh,healthy,and high-quality seafood.