Japanese 正體中文
Horoun Co., Ltd. was founded in September of 1982.We established the processing plant in Pingtung county. Our main business was the roasted eel at that time,and we sold it to Japan.The capital amount is one hundred million NT dollars.

By passing the strict inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs,Horoun is the first processing plant to get the roasted eel authorization of 「GMP」in 1992.

Horoun researched the prepared food market successfully in 1993 and increased the equipment to make the products diverse.

Horoun invested in the processing plant of roasted eel in Shunde City, Guangdong Province,China in 1994.

In 2005,Horoun devoted itself to seafood,and tried to develop the field of Capelin in the beginning.

In 2007,Horoun begin to process the breading capelin.

In 2008,Horoun devoted itself to the field of variety of seafood,including Jellyfish,Atka Mackerel,Capelin Roe, Scallop,Abalone,etc..

Horoun's breading capelin got the authorization of 「CAS」in 2009.

Horoun expanded the business of seafood and began to develop the business of Mackerel.